Requirements for a Sanctioned Tournament

 - Sanctioning Requirements
 - Sanctioning Request Form
 - Payment of Sanction Fee
 - Insurance Request
 - Pickleball Canada Membership
 - Approved Ball
 - Tournament Rules
 - Tournament Director Responsibilities
 - Entries
 - Non-Sanctioned Events
 - Wheel Chair Players
 - Results Reporting
 - Pickleball Canada Right of Refusal
 - Recommendations and Ratings
 - Pickleball Canada Membership


For a tournament to be granted sanctioning the tournament director(s) must follow the application process and abide by all sanctioning requirements listed below 

Sanctioning Request

The Tournament Director or sponsoring club must complete and submit a PICKLEBALL CANADA Tournament Sanctioning Application at least 60 days prior to the scheduled event. The PICKLEBALL CANADA Tournament Chairman is responsible for approving or denying all sanctioning requests.

Payment of Sanction Fee

After the sanctioning request has been approved by the PICKLEBALL CANADA Tournament Chairman and the Sanction Fee has been paid, (determined by Tier Level) the Tournament Director may advertise that they are sanctioned by PICKLEBALL CANADA. If the sanction fee has not been received at least 10 days before the start of the tournament, the pending sanction will be withdrawn and no sanctioning will take place. After receiving payment of the sanction fee, PICKLEBALL CANADA will advertise the tournament on the Tournament Schedule page of the PICKLEBALL CANADA website and will add the words PICKLEBALL CANADA Sanctioned (Tier #) and display the sanctioning logo. The PICKLEBALL CANADA Sanctioned Event? logo will be supplied via email to the tournament director and may be used in all tournament media. To PAY THE SANCTIONING FEE, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Insurance Request

PICKLEBALL CANADA-sanctioned tournaments are insured by a General Liability Policy and Participant Accident Policy. The insurance is automatic if the tournament has been sanctioned. Click here to request a certificate for proof of insurance if required by the owner of the venue. The certificate should be requested at least 30 days before the start of the tournament. A certificate will only be issued upon request and after receipt of the sanctioning fee.


Beginning January 1, 2017 a player in any/all PICKLEBALL CANADA sanctioned pickleball tournaments will be required to be a current member of the PICKLEBALL CANADA before playing any match in the tournament. Click HERE for more information.

Approved Ball

Before a tournament is PICKLEBALL CANADA sanctioned, the tournament director must declare the make and model of the ball that will be used.The ball must be listed on the IFP/PICKLEBALL CANADA list of Approved Balls. Until the approved ball is declared, the sanctioning status will remain as PICKLEBALL CANADA pending.

Tournament Rules

The tournament director must follow all IFP Official Tournament Rules.

Tournament Director Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Tournament Director to be certain that players are competing in the correct events based on age or rating. For a list of Approved Events Click here Allowing ineligible players to compete in a bracket impacts the awarding of points. Questions about combining brackets can be addressed to: PICKLEBALL CANADA Tournament Chairman. If any players join or renew PICKLEBALL CANADA membership at the tournament, please let us know. PICKLEBALL CANADA Membership needs to be confirmed before we can award Tournament ratings. A players age in a sanctioned tournament will be determined by the players age on December 31 in the year of play. An exception will be made if a state senior games organization mandates a different date in their tournament.


A Sanctioned Tournament must have a minimum of 40 or more entries to be eligible for continued sanctioning the following year. (Entries are defined as one doubles team or one singles player). The tournament shall be open to all players who meet the general requirements of any tournament, such as age or skill level. Entries may be limited by geographical locations such as city, county, regional, or province of residency. Draw sizes in events may be limited because of court availability, but must take entrants in the order they are received. No preference can be given to any player or group of players in any tournament. Restrictions on tournament entries will be judged on a case-by-case basis and can result in your tournaments ineligibility for Tournament Sanctioning or placement in a lower tier level.

Non-Sanctioned or Supported Events [ a supported event is one that occurs at the same time as a Sanctioned tournament - do not confuse with a Supported Tournament

PICKLEBALL CANADA sanctioned tournaments that wish to offer supported events, such as demonstrations, clinics, and co-occurring tournaments, should, if possible, offer these events on days either before or after the dates set for sanctioned tournament play.
If holding these events before or after the tournament play dates is not possible, all non-sanctioned (supported) events must be disclosed in the application process and approved by PICKLEBALL CANADA before they can be publicized and held.
If the tournament director or organizer receives approval by PICKLEBALL CANADA to conduct a non-sanctioned (supported)  event within their sanctioned tournament, the director or organizer agrees and acknowledges that:
  1. The event is not covered under any PICKLEBALL CANADA-issued certificate of insurance unless the certificate explicitly states that it is covered; [request a certificate]
  2. Players participating in the non-sanctioned event are not covered by any PICKLEBALL CANADA insurance policy unless the certificate explicitly states that they are covered;[request a certificate]
  3. PICKLEBALL CANADA player ratings will not be awarded; and
  4. The tournament director or organizer will communicate the above four conditions to the event participants in the disclosure materials and application forms (electronic or otherwise) furnished to them.
At the discretion of PICKLEBALL CANADA, tournament directors and organizers who attempt to circumvent the sanctioning process in any way or who offer contemporaneous unapproved events within a PICKLEBALL CANADA sanctioned tournament will not receive sanctioning approval or will have their sanctioning revoked.

Wheelchair Players

In accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Human Rights Act, PICKLEBALL CANADA will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs or activities. Rules for wheelchair players are in the IFP Rulebook or you can click here to view them.

Results Reporting

Within one week of the end of a tournament, completed results must be reported to the Tournament Ratings Chairperson through the link on software or via email. PICKLEBALL CANADA member numbers must be included to ensure accurate identification. The software have an entry field for this number in the Player Profile and where required Players members numbers can be updated under the Registration function in the software.


PICKLEBALL CANADA reserves the right to refuse to sanction tournaments, list tournaments on the PICKLEBALL CANADA website/calendar, or accept advertising where a tournament director has:
  • Not complied with PICKLEBALL CANADA policies or rules
  • Created deceptive or confusing forms, advertising or promotional materials wrongly implying or stating PICKLEBALL CANADA involvement in the tournament or making other factual misstatements that could mislead players on significant matters. This includes duplicating major PICKLEBALL CANADA tournament names, with terms such as National, Regional, etc. where PICKLEBALL CANADA deems the term is in direct conflict with an existing PICKLEBALL CANADA event.

Tournament Management Software

Tournament directors are highly encouraged to use a PICKLEBALL CANADA-approved tournament management systems currently especially Tournament directors of larger events, 100 or more entries, are encouraged to use or other software that may be approved and supported by Pickleball Canada.. This software is approved for all tournaments. includes PICKLEBALL CANADA membership verification capability and reporting. If using any other software, Tournament Directors are required to obtain and report all players PICKLEBALL CANADA Member numbers and membership expiration dates in addition to submitting tournament results.

Rating Skills

A players rating is not required to participate in a tournament but is helpful. The ratings for many PICKLEBALL CANADA members are already in the PICKLEBALL CANADA rating system and can be viewed on the PICKLEBALL CANADA Ratings page. This is most important for skill-level tournaments. Ratings are also important for seeding players within events. If a player is not rated they can self-rate. Tournament Directors are encouraged to assign a rating to unrated players, based on observation of the players ability combined with the IFP Rating Descriptions.
The tournament director is encouraged to submit ratings for non rated PICKLEBALL CANADA members and players whose ratings should be changed after the tournament. For questions and/or recommendations email: Ratings Chairperson.


Arrange for a PICKLEBALL CANADA or Provincial Ambassador to be available during the duration of the event to promote the sport, answer questions regarding membership for players who wish to join PICKLEBALL CANADA or renew their memberships and field any other questions from players and/or spectators. New memberships and membership renewals may be placed electronically HERE.

Designing Tournament Entry Forms

Be sure to include spaces for player member number, name, address, email, skill level, age, phone#, emergency contact and any other pertinent information.

PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Tournaments

There is one PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional tournament per year in each of the four PICKLEBALL CANADA geographic regions: West (BC& Alberta), Prairie(Sask & MB), Eastern(Ontario & Quebec) and Atlantic (NB, PEI, NS, NFLD &L). The annual PICKLEBALL CANADA National, PICKLEBALL CANADA Open tournament and PICKLEBALL CANADA Regionals events are the only pickleball tournaments directly managed by PICKLEBALL CANADA. Following are the guidelines for PICKLEBALL CANADA Regionals tournaments:
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Directors for the applicable provinces in consultation with the Tournament Chairman may designate one tournament per year as the PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Tournament for their region.
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA Regional Tournaments are open to all players and all ages.
  • PICKLEBALL CANADA membership is required to play in a PICKLEBALL CANADA regional tournament.
  • Tier levels assigned to PICKLEBALL CANADA regional tournaments will be consistent with the guidelines for Assigning Tournament Tier Levels.
  • A Province or region may have more than one tier 2 tournament in the same year depending on the tournament format and meeting the tier level requirements for a tier 2 tournament. An example would be a Province or regional tournament and a senior tournament; both qualifying as tier 2 tournaments.
  • The standard double-elimination tournament format should be used. Games should be 2 of 3 to 11 win by 2 points for all first round matches. Lower bracket matches may also be 2 of 3 games to 11 win by 2 points or 1 to 15 win by 2 points. At the discretion of the tournament director some or all matches may also be one game to 15 points or one game to 21 points, win by 2 points. In the event of Round Robin format games to 15 win by 1 point, games to 21 win by 1 point or 3 games to 11 win by 1.
  • These requirements are an effort to standardize tournament operating procedures and PICKLEBALL CANADA tournament reporting requirements.