Para Pickleball

What Is Parasport?

Parasport is a sport for people with a disability. It is "para"llel to sport for able-bodied athletes, with adapted equipment or rules to make the game fun and accessible for everyone. There are also some parasports that do not have an able-bodied equivalent.

Getting Started

There are different ways that you can get involved in Para  Pickleball; as a participant, as a coach, as a para pickleball volunteer or as a community champion, connecting people you know to it. There are also ways for able-bodied athletes to provide support for participants with visual impairments, as guides, pilots and coxswains. You don’t have to pick just one role either: many people end up involved in a variety of ways depending on what they enjoy.
When getting involved, remember that you have a choice in your type of involvement regardless of what role you choose – there will be recreationally-focused opportunities and high performance-focused opportunities that you can work towards.
Sometimes parasport opportunities can be lacking in a city – you could play a key role in developing your community and getting it started!
Pickleball Canada is committed to the development of the sport in Canada to all demographics throughout the country. Help make this a truly National pastime. 

Contact Us 

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