Membres du C.A. et des Comités

Doug Thomson , President
Richard Chambers , Vice President - Operations
Marcel Latouche - Vice President - Developpment [agissant]
Karen Wallace , Secretary and Regulatory Officer
Carolyn Stevens, Treasurer

Robin Grant , Translation Manager

Karen Wallace , Policy Committee Manager
Marcel Latouche , Strategic Planning Manager

Kelli McRobert , Communications / Marketing Manager

General Manager
          Gary Marcellus
Board - Canadian Regional Board
Alan Thompson - Atlantic Canada
Marcel Lemieux - Quebec
Jim Parrott - Ontario
Bill MacGregorCôte Ouest

2017 - 2018 Committees

Chuck MacDonald, President of Sanctioned Tournaments

Tournament Committee Members:

Colin Caldwell
Les Franke
Ross Perkin
Mark Schwarz
Vollmin Gene

Ross Perkin, President of the Evaluations

Kevin Rogers, Membership
Joanne Ferster, Newsletter

Kelli McRobert , Social Media
Column of experts

Jim Parrott , Member Support

Richard Chambers , Human Resources [Acting]

Richard Chambers, Interprovincial / Territorial Advisory Chair [Acting]