Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Committee

Purpose and Mandate:

Pickleball is strengthened through the collaboration of National and Provincial/Territorial organizations. This level of collaboration and co-operation works to:
  • Increase communication amongst representatives at all levels
  • Establish yearly initiatives for joint projects and activities
  • Define roles and responsibilities for all levels of governance in the game of pickleball in Canada
  • Reduce costs and share funding on joint projects and activities
  • Collaborate on aspects of the game in Canada including all operations and development of the sport in Canada
The desired model of governance in Canada is one of shared responsibilities; whereby the national level (Pickleball Canada) establishes the national policies and standards and to various extents (to be negotiated) the provinces carry out the programs in compliance with these policies and standards.

 Key Duties:

  • To share best practice regarding the organization, promotion and development of pickleball across Canada
  • To advise PickleballCanada as to how it can support such practices
  • Work closely with the executive chairs and the Provincial/Territorial bodies to negotiate and develop written governance structures between the provinces/territories and Pickleball Canada
  • Guide the development of all the Interprovincial/Territorial policies, standards, guidelines, practices and procedures on behalf of Pickleball Canada
  • Co-ordinate the appointment of the Regional Representatives (Pickelball Canada Board positions) representing five (5) major regions of Canada (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies + NWT/Nunavut, BC + Yukon)


The Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Committee (ITAC) shall consist of no greater than thirteen (13) Pickleball Canada volunteer members with one sub commitee,Standards.

ITAC will be composed of one representative of each Province or Territory as selected by the Provincial/Territorial organization recognized by Pickleball Canada. Where no such organization is recognized the Board of Directors may name a representative from that jurisdiction.

Objectives and Deliverables:

  • Develop an action plan for the successful implementation of the objectives and goals of Inter-provincial/Territorial affairs in accordance with this terms of reference June 2018
  • Establish criteria and develop protocols for the Pickleball Canada Board Regional Representatives to insure that all required appointments are completed by June 2018
  • Working with equivalent committees in each provincial/territorial organization (where applicable) establish protocols and timelines for the development of all inter-governmental policies, standards, guidelines, practice and procedures  using the Canadian Sport Policy as a basis to start. June 2018