2019&2020 National Pickleball Canada Championships


About  the Pickleball CanadaTournaments

Pickleball Canada is the rights holder and North American governing body for the Canadian National / Regional and Open Pickleball Tournaments (the Canadian Pickleball Tournaments). The mission of the Pickleball Canada is to assist and promote the growth of Pickleball as a game for all ages and to establish rules, policies and standards for the good governance of the game in Canada. One major way that Pickleball Canada fulfills their mission is by selecting host cites for the annual tournaments across Canada.
Pickleball Canada is registered in Canada  as a non-profit corporation.Pickleball Canada requires all cities/organizations submitting a proposal either be a similar non-profit organization or form a non-profit organization if their proposal is selected for the 2019 and 2020 tournament seasons ( January – December each year).
While there is no fee for submitting a bid proposal, the successful Host will provide a check to Pickleball Canada for the event rights fee described in Section 3.1 of the RFP upon signing of the contract. This fee is non-refundable and will remain severed from the accounting of the operational expenses/revenues of conducting the Games.
Rights extended to the Host give exclusive use of the registered  name and logos for the marketing, promoting, generation of sponsorship opportunities and merchandise sales. Modification of Tournament logos is prohibited without the express written permission of Pickleball Canada. A comprehensive online registration program is provided at no cost to the Host. An optional volunteer registration program is also available at no additional cost should the Host choose to use it.
Pickleball Canada is a member of the International Federation of Pickleball  (IFP) therefore there is a potential increased participation from the  8 member countries.
Pickleball Canada is managed by a Board of Directors who represents every province and territory in Canada. The Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service.
The Canadian Pickleball Tournaments  have been designed to encourage participation from all levels of expertise and abilities. With multiple age classifications and divisions, participants compete against other athletes of similar skills. Team events have several classifications to ensure teams of similar expertise compete against each other.
All Bib Book submissions for 2019 and 2020 Canadian National Pickleball Tournament will be evaluated by the Pickleball Canada Board of Directors. BID BOOK submissions will only be accepted if they are submitted by the closing date, May 2018 and in the format required for the 2019 Tournaments and May 2019 for the 2020 Tournaments. 

Download the entire BID BOOK  HERE. Please note that this download is in PDF format. For those that wish a MS Word copy to complete the application [appendices C - G] Click HERE:  For general inquries, please contact, Chuck MacDonald, Director of Tournaments, at: pickleballcanadatournaments@gmail.com